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1,2, 3 day transportation pass in Amsterdam

I know I can get a 24, 48, or 72 hour pass for trams and buses in Amsterdam, but how do they figure a "day?" Is it by date or hour? Is it good for 24 hours from the first time I use it on a tram, or does the first "day" expire at midnight even if I only used it for one ride between 7:00 and 8:00 pm. I will be in the city from noon on Friday until noon on Sunday, Oct 10-12. Will a 48 hour pass be sufficient to cover that time? Thanks, Carolyn

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Wow, so like the ticket book at Disneyland (anyone remember the phrase "E-ticket Ride!" ??) it looks like Amsterdam is finally getting rid of the 15-pack 'Strippenkaart'. (Just one more thing to make me feel old... o_O )

The Dutch are very literal and like concise communication (it helps with profitable trading) so it really seems like 48-hours will mean a full 48-hours, and not two calendar days.

Have fun and be sure to have a mobile 'lunch-hop' at the Albert Cuyp Market!

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Passes run by the hour. So if you first use your 24 hour pass at 12pm on a Wednesday, it will expire 12pm Thursday. So the 48 hour pass will work for you.