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Thoughts on Hotel 55 near Red Light district in Amsterdam?

We don’t really know what we are getting into - but was very affected for 3 single women in on room.
Not until late October., so we should be able to change. Thanks for any insight!

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Teri, have you read any reviews from former guests? I'd give a browse through those on; my most trusted resource for accommodation reviews as you can't post unless you've actually stayed in the property you're reviewing/rating.

Honestly? Scanning through a few pages of those, this wouldn't be a hotel I'd choose myself.

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I just read the reviews and saw the rating. I would not want to stay there if there were alternatives available.

Why don’t you share your dates and your criteria and see if we can help you find a better alternative?

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Thank you for the response. Worked it and found better for $350 more and a half a mile from the train station.

Thanks for the Bookings link❣️Had not used it before.

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We have always stay in Haarlum. Slightly inconvenient with the ten min train ride but far more relaxing in the evening. And much less expensive.

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Am a solo and first time traveler doing a 21 day Europe tour that starts Sept 11. Arrive in Amsterdam Sept 10 and have a hotel booked for that night in Haarlem (unfortunately not able to book in the tour hotel as no space). Any thoughts on how easy it will be for me to get from Amsterdam Airport to Haarlem and the hotel?Bus/train/taxi?

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Welcome to the forum!
It's best to start your own thread, as the original poster will be notified if anybody posts on their thread.

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Pat -- what you are doing is hijacking another thread and generally considered a no no. Post your own question and I will get your there. We have done it a half a dozen times using a bus. Easiest way to go.