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The Times Hotel in Amsterdam reivew

I love the staff here. They are so helpful. It started with me asking them to make a dinner reservation because I couldn't get the restaurant to answer the phone.

I had the opportunity to stay here in 3 different rooms while in Amsterdam. The first room was two twins pushed together but it still worked out ok. Room was small, shower was small (but recently renovated.) They have an elevator but it was 6 stairs down, 3 stairs up and 3 more stairs up.

Next time I got room 474 because I requested a tub. Nice soaking tub. You did have to walk down 3 stairs in the room to the bathroom. Not as many stairs getting to the room.

I then caught covid. They moved everything around so I could quarantine there including giving me 374 with a soaker tub but no stairs this time. Just 6 stairs down, 3 up and 3 more. The staff gave me an ap so I could order food in which was very helpful.

Refrigerators in room don't keep things particularly cold. Other guests aren't always considerate coming in at night, talking loudly and slamming doors.

Great toilietires including lotion and cream rinse.

I will come back here again.