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Rijsttaffel in Amsterdam

Are Rijsttaffel's always spicy? I want to try it but don't like spicy foods.

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I recall that some dishes were spicy. You can try asking if they could tone it down.

I tried RT twice for fun, but honestly I will not do it again.

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By spicy, do you mean hot? I’ve only done one with a Rick Steves tour and I don’t recall any of the dishes having any heat to them but I had the vegan version so not sure about the meat dishes.

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Had it on a RS tour. Some dishes, not all, were a bit spicy but not overly. It was one of our best meals. It was delicious.

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We love eating at the Indonesian Rijsttaffels in Amsterdam. They bring out small dishes after small dishes that are very pleasing to most palates. If one is too spicy for your taste, they'll bring you another.

I have found the service and waiters in those restaurants to be incredibly good--and so nice to customers.