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Restaurant suggestions for Dinner Rotterdam and Amsterdam

I will be in Rotterdam and Amsterdam for work. I have a couple nights free to do my own thing in both cities. My only issue is I have a seafood allergy. But any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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For dinner in Amsterdam, I am looking for either an Argentine steakhouse or an Indonesian Ristoffel. There are a bunch of those style of restaurants in town. The food is great in either.

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We have enjoyed Puri Mas in Amsterdam for Rijstafel
Amsterdam has a lot of good food, just get into the outer rings and beyond. Bakers and Roasters for breakfast in the De Pijp area. DeLepel for Gelato (the best we've ever had and we make a point of eating gelato every day we travel, and we have been to France and Italy! The guy who owns it moved there from Rome...). A great burger place in the 9 streets, I can't remember the name. And of course the Foodhallen (one of those indoor food halls with different stands selling different types of food. This one also has a bar, and a DJ on the weekends. Kind of clubby (for this 47yo) but fun! Have eaten several dinners there and not had anything that wasn't delicious. I could go on and on. I haven't eaten bad food in Amsterdam, just avoid obviously cheap, touristy places
I haven't yet been to Rotterdam


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Totally agree with Jessica....avoid the touristy areas in Central....not horrible, but eminently forgettable. You'd be better off hitting Albert Hejn takeout shelves. Get out into at least the Jordaan or a couple blocks of the squares and the quality of both the food and the clientele increases dramatically.

Next trip I'm hitting the Foodhallen....this is about the fourth time I've heard raves....

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I like La Place , good food , reasonably priced . Everything made on site and within sight . Almost a self-serve place . Place-Café-Amsterdam . There are many La Place restaurants in the Netherlands , including Rotterdam

I would like to suggest you to go for these best vegetarian restaurants such as Zaza's, Greenwoods Keizersgracht, Betty’s, De Waaghals and Norling Restaurant Amsterdam. I have been eaten very delicious food in those restaurants. Thanks.