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Restaurant Review

Haarlem--Mr and Mrs Food and Wine in Rick's Netherlands book.
p 308. Mr & Mrs Food and Wine
I'm a woman dining alone. I was the first person in the restaurant when it opened. I was seated and had lovely 1st and 2nd courses. Several other people came in --- each time the hostess/server offered to take theirs coats. She hasn't asked for mine, but ok, no matter. Then she brought the couple just seated next to me an amuse bouche starter. When she returned to me to take my plate, I asked if there is a starter. She said yes, there is an amuse bouche included and would I like one. I said yes and she brought it.
At that point I felt pretty unimportant and when she came by again I asked if my third course had been started in the kitchen and she said yes. I said instead I would like to leave. She just said fine and brought my check. As I paid I told her it would have been nice if you had taken my coat and offered me a starter. She said Oh, with her same perky smile--no apology or understanding, nothing. I paid and left, feeling pretty bad. I travel alone, and t's always a little difficult to eat alone, but I do it. I've only been treated badly like that once before. This restaurant doesn't deserve Rick's recommendation.

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I’m glad you made a statement and left. Maybe she learned something that day? One can hope.

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Theresa, thank you for sharing your experience. I would have done the same thing.