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Lodging for one night before we take our bike & barge tour

My husband & I will be coming in via train from London to Amsterdam. I believe we'll end up at the "city center" of Amsterdam, correct?

We will be super tired; so we just want a clean & comfortable place to sleep--one kinda centrally located between where our train drops us off &/or near the dock where we'll pick up our barge.

We will be traveling with our backpacks, so we can easily walk for a short distance (1-1/2 miles) to our hotel. I would be also willing to sleep on a boat --just want a good night's sleep.

QUESTION: How do I find hotels that are in this radius? I see "Central Station"--but not sure where this is. IS THIS THE SAME AS THE CITY CENTER??

We could also take an Uber or Lyft to our hotel--what area should I be looking at??

OR, if you have some advise on reasonable accommodations close to the city center; I would love any & all advise.!!


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Hi , you’ve posted this in a place where you won’t get many answers , you’ve posted it under “ Nederlands REVIEWS “ - you should post it under the “ select a country “ forum - in the “ Nederlands “ forum .

We got a great recommendation there a few years ago from this forum however that hotel has since closed .

And yes “ Ceentral “ station is city Center ! Check out a map of Amsterdam and you’ll see .

Also you could check out - it’s a usueful and reliable booking site ( and you don’t have to book with it - but you can get ideas - then google hotel for its own website and compare prices - ive done both dozens of times for city all over Europe ! Reviews on can only be posted after a verified stay - so less chance of fake reviews !

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I took a bike & barge trip a few years ago that left from Oosterdok near Centraal. I suggest Google mapping for hotels in that general area. Unless you are super-tired, you should be able to find hotels within walking distance without a need to grab a taxi. The area is fairly compact.