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Kid friendly Amsterdam hotels

Pardon, I'm sure this topic has been covered, but since I'm new here...

My wife and I are travelling this June or July with our rambunctious 10-year-old daughter. Please pass on your hotel recommendations. Thanks.

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Well it would help if you could tell us what is budget ... euros per night.. without that you will get a lot of random suggestions from 100 euros a night to 500 euros a night..

I have been to Amsterdam 4 times.. and many other places in Europe more often.. I find Amsterdam more expensive then a lot of places.. since we usually only stay a few days at a time we like a central location, if willing to stay out a bit and use buses or trams to get into central areas it can be far more cost effective .. depends on what you like.. we like to walk outside and sort of already " be there"..

We are staying in a sweet older place this time Brouwer Hotel.. it has a decent sized triple room and includes breakfast.. think we are paying about 180 euros a night.

It was recommended by a few on this forum.. and the reviews are good.. We booked it because we will have our 25 yr old daughter with us and wanted a triple , in a central area.. triples are not as easy to find as they are here.

Last time we went we stayed at the Park Hotel.. it was a bit pricier ( especially since we paid for the more expensive room that has an enclosed bathroom.. the cheaper rooms HAVE private bathrooms in the room.. but they are not fully enclosed.. which I hate) .. it was an excellent location also.. and the room was very nice and comfy.. it however did not include breakfast. I think you would need to book the Junior Suites for three however.. and they are over 350 euros a night each.. yikes.. ( but maybe not for you)

I would look on you can enter your dates.. number of people. and read reviews by people that have actually stayed at each hotel.. its a resourse I use often.. You can also look at reviews on and look specifically for reviews from families.

Good luck.