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Is there budget lodging +-$100 in central Amsterdam

Hi Group,

UPDATE: Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. They were a huge help and are greatly appreciated.

I now have enough great info to make our decisions on where to stay in Amsterdam and am going to do 3 there and 1 in Haarlam.

I don't see how to close this thread so i will leave it open. If anybody or a moderator can let me know if I can close it but leave it available in the archives, let me know.

Now that I am signed up and see the great involvement in this group I hope I can help with questions in the future!

I have searched here and cannot find a thread on budget lodging in Amsterdam so please excuse me if I have overlooked one.

My wife and I will be in Amsterdam March 13, 14 and 15 2020 and we are looking for a room as central as possible for +-$100 a night,

The purpose of this post is firstly not for recommendations but is this possible?

We have traveled a lot in Europe and have always been able to find a room in or close to a big city center in good neighborhoods for that +-$100, most recently in Spain in October but Amsterdam looks tough...

If you do have any recommendations for budget lodging > than $100 please let us know.

I understand going outside of Amsterdam such as Harlaam which we are looking at but thought I would ask here first.

Also, we are not limited to Central Amsterdam, we have just been told that it is desirable to be as close to the Central Train Station as an optimal tram start and stop to anywhere in town.

Please comment if you have other opinions.

Please also comment if that price window is also possible in West, Southern Canal Belt and Southwest Amsterdam.


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In the very center of the city $100 is near impossible. You can get close to that rate by staying near to the RAI convention center if you happen to be in the city between trade shows.
Being near Centraal Station isn't essential, any hotel within close walking distance to a tram stop or metro station will get you into the tourist zone very quickly.

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It is not possible to get a room $100 a night on central Amsterdam.
This is only possible in a hostel. is pretty good site to find hotels in all parts of Amsterdam as it has feature the lets you see where they are on the map. Whenever i go to Amsterdam now since I have been there over 10 times( including stays in hostels in the center where one could get a bunk bed, bathroom down the hall and breakfast for $20 night ) I always stay at the Ibis Amsterdam Schipol Airport.

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Last year we stayed at Ibis styles hotel short walk from Amsterdam central train station. It is a 3 star chain hotel. However for your dates the price is 40 % more than what we paid. It must be a convention time or other which is often the case for pricey Amsterdam. Are u ok with a hostel with private rooms? If not then u would have to up your budget. Frankly it is worth it if u plan to do all Amsterdam sight seeing. Otherwise for sure lovely Haarlem is a great place. But consider your time in to and from and train cost. Book ASAP March is coming fast and Amsterdam in my experience fills quickly up to 6 mo in advance.

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I couldn't see anything in Amsterdam central on your dates for around $100. At the hostels, even a bed in a dormitory with shared bathroom was $48 per/person - $96 for the two of you. I didn't see any private rooms in any of the hostels. Must be a pretty busy weekend there. If it were me I'd stay in Haarlem and train into Amsterdam central - train is €4,50 per person each way in 2nd class and it takes 20 minutes. I saw double hotel rooms with ensuite baths for as little as $80/night for those nights. You'll either have to give up on Amsterdam central or up your budget.

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I'm fond of the website EuroCheapo. Here's their Amsterdam page; you'll see that even their "cheap" listings are higher than $100 per night:

In general, in Amsterdam hotel demand is higher than hotel supply. So, you have to pay more than you expected, or settle for less than expected. That applies to everyone; it's even tougher at the lower price point goals.

I don't agree that it's so desirable to be close to the central station. Amsterdam's sights are in various areas, the city isn't that large, and the trams are very efficient. Particularly at your price point, you'll have to look outside the center. The only disadvantage is that you will not be walking distance to many attractions like you might be when in the center, so you'll want to invest in a transit pass.

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hey hey AZPepper
amsterdam is a very expensive city, been there twice but there were 4 of us to share the cost. $100 or less in city center and good neighborhood may be slim to none. a friend usually stays at the flying pig hostel, see if they have availability even though you may have to share a dormitory room, some are 3 day minimum.
be careful looking for places, lots of stairs/steps if mobility issues, paying a security fee, paying for linens, sharing kitchen/bathroom, etc. is like a B&B, you need to send request a market hall with about 20 food/drink shops
hope this helps you out looking for a place. you'll love amsterdam within it's beauty and canals to walk along. if you plan to go to the anne frank house, book your ticket early, it's timed ticket and online is the only way to get into (
walk around, take a canal cruise, we went to albert cuyp marketplace, eat dutch food (rijsttafel) check (search indo-dutch rijsttafel) and where to try it.
try their delicious poffertjes and stroopwaffels.
@Sam LOL

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We used to stay in B&B's out by the Olympic football stadium, however many owners have cashed their properties in to be sold as condos. Demand has driven conventional hotel prices out of sight in the central city.
We have been staying out on the motorway west of Schiphol Airport and catching their shuttle back and forth to the airport where the train gets us to Central Station in 15 minutes or less. Hotel Schiphol is a Vander Valk business hotel and has the nicest and largest rooms we've ever stayed at--anywhere.
Another alternative is Qbic Hotel WTC in Amsterdam Zuid (South) that's very close to the train line and has trams running into Central Amsterdam (10 minute ride). It's another business hotel priced around $80.

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Amsterdam accommodations can be surprisingly expensive, and especially so if a convention is in town. I wouldn't discount a private room at a hostel as they'll most likely fall into your price range, and some of them can be pretty nice. For instance:

Explore your other options on the site.

Some of the best won't necessarily be near the central train station but tram service is available all over town (although with the exception of a bus to Edam, we did everything on foot out of choice during our week.)

Editing to add, Oops, Generator might be over your budget but I'd give it a look.

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Amsterdam sees heavy demands of tourists, including such actions as the city adding fees and taxes, limiting "AirBNB" type rentals in central areas, and other actions to try and stem the tide and make things a bit more bearable for the residents. The result unfortunately, or by design is the rules of Supply and Demand keeping prices high, helping to limit visitors. Fewer travelers, but those willing to spend much more. I suspect the number of dive hotels and hostals has declined, trying to limit party groups and Drug tours.

While your request was Central, and seeing the results, you might do the classic Rick Steves tactic and stay in Haarlem. A direct 20 minute ride on frequent trains from Amsterdam Centraal. It is a charming town in it's own right, much more local and quaint than staying at the airport. Not sure that any more rates are under $100, but a quick check showed the Ambassador City Centre hotel for about that, I have stayed there 3 or 4 times with no complaints.

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I agree; stay in Haarlem. You can easily get a decent hotel - with breakfast, usually - for under €100 per night. The train station is an easy walk from the main square, and it's a quick, easy train ride into Amsterdam.

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And to answer your update, question, you can't close it. It remains open (doing no harm) unless you actually delete it. And please don't do that; this kind of thread will be helpful to others.

You are free to quit looking at it anytime. :-)

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I remember the old days of Priceline. It was about five years ago when we got NH Doelen for $105 per night. Our room overlooked the Amstel. It has since been renovated and the price has doubled.