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Blue Pepper - Rijsttafel in Amsterdam

I had dinner here in December with my college-aged son. We made online reservations several weeks ahead and it may have been necessary because it seemed like a small place and was pretty busy.

We loved the food. They brought my son more of whatever he liked, but the original portions were still a lot of food. Everything was fairly spicy, but pleasantly so for us. My 80-something mother would have found it too spicy for her. We also had a nice bottle of wine for a reasonable price.

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I assume you're talking about visiting an Indonesian rijsttaffel in Amsterdam? They are great places to eat, and the service level is often nothing short of incredible.

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Yes, David. Sorry if that was unclear. We went to Blue Pepper and had their rijsttafel. I highly recommend it for others who are in Amsterdam, would like to try a rijsttafel but are not sure which restaurant is good.