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Airbnb question

We are booking for the first time using Airbnb. I searched the website but could not find information on 2 things. First, the security fee quoted - is it only actually charged to me if/when the leasor feels we should pay for something (like a broken dish or something) and we agree?

Second, are cleaning fees paid at the location? Or will my booking credit card be charged? If at the location, is cash required?

Thanks for any clarity!

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I've used Air BnB twice and never had a security fee. Also on my 2 stays, no separate cleaning fee. I've also used VRBO on three occasions and all had a cleaning fee to be paid in cash at beginning of rental.

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All that varies according to the Airbnb host. Read the description carefully. Feel free to avoid places that have extra fees or rules you can't live with. You can usually speak on the phone with the host, which can clear up confusion. I used Airbnb only once. It was fairly easy and simple. The only minus was there was a large dog in the apartment when I arrived. The host was not present. The dog was not a threat, but barked and demanded attention for most of a day. I did not see anything about animals when I rented the place, but would ask if I rented again. I suggest you pick up the phone and talk to the host at your Airbnb. You need to know what to expect.

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My wife and I stayed at eight or nine Airbnb places on a trip to Europe in May. I just avoided booking places that had extra fees; for the cities/towns we stayed in, there were always many possible homes/apartments to choose from. All went well, and we plan to do another Airbnb trip next summer.

I second the advice to communicate with the host. We had one experience where another couple was staying in an apartment where we thought we would be the only visitors. This turned out to be fine, but still we would have preferred not to have extra people around.

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I've stayed at an airbnb apartment with a cleaning fee. That fee was charged at the time of booking.

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I haven't uses airbnb but I have used VRBO and have paid a cleaning charge on arrival when the balance was paid - in Rome. I expected it.