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The drive from Kotor to Lovcen up the mountain road.

Has anyone done this drive and is it totally terrifying and would you recommend it?

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We did the drive in September, albeit with a guide and driver. The driver remarked that he never looks out the side window, ever, because it's just too dangerous. There are plenty of hairpin turns, very narrow stretches, a few guardrails, and lots of traffic. But, there are also a few pullouts to stop and enjoy the view. Personally, I think doing it yourself wouldn't be very enjoyable. We used Miro & Sons recommended in the RS book and were very happy with both the guide and driver. My advice would be to budget for a guide/driver so that you can do the drive, but also go to Lovcen, Budva, Perast, etc. For us, it was money well spent.

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I took a public bus that I'm nearly certain used that highway. It didn't occur to me to be terrified, but I wouldn't see any point in driving it myself, because how could you take you eyes off the road long enough to really enjoy the view? Aside from the public bus and a private driver, I believe there are some tours run from Kotor to Cetinje, etc., that would give you a chance to experience the road.

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Went on a bus tour; that road did have many switchbacks. The views were spectacular.

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Looking at google maps there appear to be two ways to get to Lovcen from Kotar. The longer one is "P1" and involves a stretch called the Kotar Serpentine. We have not traveled that road. We have traveled the shorter route that joins the "P1" above the Serpentine section. The shorter route (which may be the one you are referring to) includes 25 numbered 180 degree switchback turns and at least 75 other sharp turns. But large tour buses do travel this road. There is a rock wall on one side and nothing on the other. Can't remember the name or number of that road, but the bus we took went to the towns of Njegusi and Cetinje. The views from the road of the town and bay are super spectacular, but there is a downside for some. Don't mean to rain on your parade, but if anyone in your party is prone to motion sickness or has a problem with heights you might want to avoid this drive. You can go to, use the map feature, and see aerial views of the road. will also allow you can check it out. Strongly suggest you look at as many maps and aerial views of the road as you can before making your decision. On 12 Mar. 2017 there was a thread on this forum titled "Greece Montenegro Croatia". One person included a link to a good map that shows the road. Another person had a link to a video made along parts of the road.

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While some may enjoy that road, others are simply terrified. I know I was. My palms were sweating and I kept feeling dizzy.

A trip I won't be taking ever again in my life.

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I have driven it and I didn't find it particularly terrifying, but you need to keep your eyes on the road. Preferably you should have a co-driver to keep an eye further up the road for oncoming cars (or cows). Also the drive from Lovcen and back down to Kotor was the best, because you get to see more of the view going down. But in the end the best views where from the view points and you need to stop to appreciate it, because your eyes will be focused on the road while driving.

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It's so wonderful to hear everyone's differing experiences. I have to say that several of our party will freak at the heights and not enjoy the turns so we are going to pass on this and see things all around the country just lower down. I know it will be just as beautiful and a lot less stressful. Thank you all!

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I prefer to walk from Kotor to Lovcen and back. I did it with my son and our tourists several times.