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Sim cards for Europe and cruise ships

My head is spinning. I have spent hours researching possible eSIM cards for my Europe trip in October. I will be in Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, and will be cruising. I am trying to find a data, call, and text eSim card for this travel plan, I have found some Sim cards for data, but it is difficult to find one for Montenegro with texting and calling. I also want to be able to use my devices on the ship out in the sea. Can anyone give me good advice

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Jane, will you be purchasing the ship’s internet package? If so, then no esim is needed. Simply keep your phone on airplane mode and enable the call over Wi-Fi feature on your phone. You will be able to call/text at no additional charge from your phone carrier anytime wifi is available.

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Well, I wasn’t going to get the cruise package because it’s so darn expensive. It’s $23 a day per person. We will be cruising 16 days. I have read more since I posted this and I guess I’m probably going to have to sign up for the cruise package. It looks like any Sim card really won’t cover me while I am at sea, so, I think I just need to find a Sim card for while I am on land because I am doing most of my tours independently and I’m spending some time in Rome before and after each cruise. I just really wanted to avoid the cost of the cruise package but I’m afraid it’s a necessary evil.

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No Sim Card will cover you at sea, as connections are via satellites, which is why it costs the earth. The only time you will get cell service is when you are within land reach. Even then it can be odd where you connect to. I was on a cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona once but beyond Gibraltar the main sea route hugs the North African coast so we were picking up Moroccan and Algerian towers, which are very expensive, not Spanish service.
How close you are to shore and available towers when off those countries you mention will depend on if you get land based service at sea.
I live in the North West of England, but in certain weather conditions suddenly find myself connected to Isle of Man cell towers 40 miles away.