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Roman history sites through Montenegro / Balkans?

Hey guys, I'm doing a Balkan Tour (Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia) and it's find the ancient Roman culture fascinating.

So far I've visited the Belogradchik Fortress near Belogradchik and the Kale Fortress near Skopje. Must say, these are some pretty amazing places. One thing about the Kale fortress is that while it's beautiful from the outside, it's almost empty on the inside...but I've heard things are going to change.

So for all of you history geeks out there, which are some of the best places signifying Roman culture to visit on the Balkans?

P.S. Yeah, I understand visiting Rome will be the ultimate experience, but I'm leaving that for a future point in time when my budget will allow it :)


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Hi! I am from Skopje and I know what you mean about the Kale Fortress. There may be some changes in the near future, and we hope for better. I am glad you came to visit my country. As for other Roman culture sites and towns, I strongly recommend Kotor, Montenegro. Almost all structures there date back from Roman and Byzantine times. We regularly go there during summer time, since it's close by. Let me know when you get there. I'm sure you'll love it!