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Montenegro tours - Kotor cruise

Hello all,
I'm going to visit Montenegro while on cruise soon and I was just wondering if anyone has tips on what to do and what to see while in the country - especially in Kotor? Do you have any half/full day tours to reccommend?

Thanks in advance,

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Kotor is a very interesting medieval city with very rich history. There are a lot of places nearby worth a visit. I would reccommend tour agency wich is also highly reccommended by Rick Steves himself - Montenegro tours - Miro&Sons . You can get an idea what to see and what to do here - Montenegro private tours.
Hope this helps and wish you a great time while in Montenegro!

All the best,

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I recommend a tour of the old town and one of Our Lady of the Rocks, a pretty little church in the Bay of Kotor near the town of Perast. Legend states that, at the spot where a religious icon was found in the water, local fishermen would drop rocks in that spot after every successful voyage. Over time the little island was formed and the church was built. You can catch a boat from Perast. Also, the cruise into the Bay of Kotor is magnificent and not to be missed (we did this cruise in 2010). You'll have to get up early to catch it, but I throroughly enjoyed it. Also, what I did not know about Kotor and wasn't prepared for was that the city sits at the bottom of a huge limestone cliff that can be hiked. From our ship we saw people going up and down the cliff face. That was the one thing I wish I'd done that I didn't while there, but time constraints with our scheduled tours made that impossible. Kotor's old town is nice but not on the scale of Dubrovnik, which we visited first. Btw, our tours were arranged by our cruise ship (Oceania), so I don't have information on scheduling tours independently. I hope this helps.

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We went on a cruise that went to Kotor in September 2014 and signed up for the tour that was offered by our cruise line. Our tour guide was Miro Djukanovic, the owner of the Miro & Sons tours mentioned above. The tour included a trip to Perast and the Lady of the Rocks church, as well as a walking tour around old town Kotor. We really enjoyed the tour and Miro did a great job telling us about the history of the area. Our cruise stop was long enough that we were able to partially climb the wall, grab dinner, and do more sightseeing/shopping around Kotor after the tour was over. We were the last couple back to the boat though!

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If you take a tour outside of the city proper you need to be aware of a certain road. From Kotor a certain road that leads away from the bay inland. It goes up the side of a steep mountain and has 25 numbered 180 degree switchback turns and at least 75 other sharp turns. Rock wall on one side and nothing on the other. Can't remember the name or number of the road, but it went to the towns of Njegusi and Cetinje. Don't mean to rain on you parade, but don't want you to get into a hairy situation without any knowledge. If anyone in your party is prone to motion sickness or has a problem with heights you might want to avoid this this road. You can go to, use the map feature, and see aerial views of the road from &*%$. TC