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Montenegro to Bosnia border crossings

Looking for advice on driving from Ostrog Monastery to Mostar, Bosnia in late June. I am wondering which border crossing we should use. If it makes better travel sense, we can rearrange our itinerary and travel from the Kotor area to Mostar. Any advice for this newbie? We hold US passports, if that makes any difference. Thank you.

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The shortest, distance wise, would be to cross the border at Vraćenovići and follow the R427. This road is quite smooth for Bosnian standards and you shouldn't have too much problems. Keep in mind that depending on the time/day, the crossing of the border might take a while, especially on the Bosnian side. Also don't forget to check if your rental car has insurance for Bosnia as not every rental company offers this by default.

You could also travel from the Kotor area via Dubrovnik and Neum. This route will take longer though (about 1-1.5 hours I think). I wouldn't recommend going via Trebinje and Stolac as the condition of the road is quite poor (M6).