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Montenegro Summer Weather

Hi there, I'd like to book a beach holiday in Montenegro (Becici, Budva etc) however I have seen the Accuweather forecast over June, July and August and there are quite a few thunderstorms forecast over these months. I would like to know if it would be risky to book a beach holiday here and if it is quite prone to thunderstorms in summer? Also, what are the beaches like?
I looked at 25 June - 9 July and saw 7 days of thunderstorms forecast - not the type of weather you would hope for a summer holiday and especially in peak summer!
Any advice/opinions welcome. Thanks.

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Hi. The weather in Montenegro has been great in July and August, however last year there was a lot of rain, not only in Montenegro but the whole Balkan peninsula. We visited Kotor last year in July and the weather was hot. One day it was really nice and then all of a sudden it got a bit cloudy and started raining, but after a short while the sun came out again. We were still at the beach. The beaches in Budva are sandy and very nice. I would postpone the vacation for mid July when the weather seems to be the best. Peak of summer is not end of June and beginning of July. It is mid July and the whole month of August.

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The weather, the world over, is unpredictable. I think that on average the storms amount to short afternoon showers. I've been there in June and the weather was excellent. But that really means nothing. I love Montenegro and would not miss the opportunity. Visit the mountains too if you can. Very beautiful.

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We are in Montenegro right now, Hercig Novi. It’s been clear and warm for the past 3 days. We will be here for another 10 days or so. Four days ago we were in Zagreb and there was thunder, lightning and hail for about 30 minutes. The air temp was 85 - 90 but there was so much hail (larger than pea size) it accumulated on the ground and lasted for 15 minutes. One hour later, sun was out and the pavement was dry. This weather storm covered the Balkins from Zagreb to Herci Novi. It was no big deal.

Weather has been great ever since.

If you are headed to Kotor and Budva I would not skip Herceg Novi. This is the Yugoslavian Rivera and is beautiful.