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Is there anything a US citizen needs to know about driving from Croatia to Montenegro?

Hello There! We are thinking about driving to Montenegro after being in Croatia and I was wondering if there was anything regarding rules and regulations for Montenegro that we need to know? For instance, I just read on the US site for travel to Montenegro that you need to register at the police station within 24 hrs unless you are staying at a hotel (they will register you) or some other kind of facitlity (can't remember what kind). Does anyone have any advice about a US citizen driving from Croatia to Montenegro? BTW we asked our car insurance provider if we would be covered in a rental car going to Montenegro and they said yes. thanks for the help.

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It is typical when visiting a foreign country to be asked for your passport when you check in to a hotel, though I'm not sure who they register the information with; if you're staying at a hotel in Montenegro, no doubt that would be the case.

As far as driving is concerned, just don't forget your passport. Otherwise, there's nothing special about driving in Montenegro or visiting it as a US citizen.

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The countries of the former Yugoslavia have a policy to register you with the police. Anyone who provides accommodation from the fanciest hotel to the most humble hostel or sobe is required to register you and they will do so. At the places where we stayed, our passports were given back immediately but some places may hold on to your passport for a couple hours until there's a time to do the paperwork. There's a more lax attitude about having your passport with you at all times and they sometimes don't understand why Americans are so antsy about getting their passport back. If you are staying in a private residence with a friend, it is the responsibility of your host to register you. The only time this would become an issue is if the police have a reason to question where or how long you're staying. In the touristy spots, they don't make a big deal of it if they can tell you're there for a little vacation. They will make a big deal of it if you are clearly trying to stay in the country for a long time without registering. In short, it's nothing that you will need to worry about -- just know that each hotel will need to see your passport when you check in.

Regarding driving, it's about the same in Montenegro as it is in Croatia. I would check with the car rental company that they allow for the car to cross into the other country. The only gotcha is that it will be a much more expensive rental if you rent in Croatia and return in Montenegro. It would be much cheaper to rent in Croatia, go through Montenegro and then return to Croatia to drop the car. Or, if you don't want to backtrack, turn in your rental car in Croatia, take the bus into Montenegro and then rent another car.