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Hiking in Montenegro

My family and i are interested in doing some hiking on our trip to Montenegro in August. Any recommendations for where to go? We've hiked above Kotor before and it was beautiful, however there were a lot of people. We would prefer more remote locations. We could also go to Albania or Bosnia. Thank you.

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A few years ago we drove around Montenegro and spend a few days just outside Žabljak by the Dumitor NP. We did not do any serious hiking, only a few short hike sin the area. The scenery is beautiful, much more lush, green and alpine than the coastal areas near Kotor. The park is bordered by the Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe. We drove an hiked to a viewpoint by a bend in the canyon just north east of Zabljak and the views where just awesome.
Dumitor is not exactly remote and there where quite a few other people around on the short hikes we did, but Zabkljak is a good base for the area and more serious hikes.

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Thank you for the help. Those are some nice pics James, did you have much luck fishing?

Has anyone been to the Prokletije area?