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Hi, we are leaving for our RS Village Italy tour next Friday. I am a little worried

Hi, We are excited to start our second RS tour ... this timeVillage of Italy. We are spending two and half days in Venice first. I am going back and forth on what type of clothes to pack. So far on my list 2 EB capris, 1 skinny blue jeans, 1 long skirt, Iam reading evening temp are low 60s now. Should I pack a light grey pr of jeans.
Are sleeveless top OK to wear most of the time!? I have one sweater I can throw over it or a scarf.
Running shoes. And sandals...maybe a sunhat?????

Has any one been this time of year.


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Hi. We are also going on Village Italy, but later in the month of September. I think your wardrobe is OK, but would maybe add a second sweater, and some rain gear. September temperatures are likely to be fairly warm, but it's always a good idea to have things to the layer with., and there are likely to be some rainy days. Would plan to take short-sleeved tops and may be one long sleeved one, rather than only sleeveless tops. Village Italy looks like fun. Hope you enjoy it as much as we plan to. We will be in Italy for two weeks before our RS trip, traveling gon our own and staying in agriturismos.

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The highs for the upcoming 10 days are supposed to be 84 degrees and lows in the mid 60's. That's great travel weather for normal summer clothing. They're looking for only one day of rain on

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Low temps are usually reached before dawn. Early mornings are likely to be cooler than evenings. I would take short sleeves for days you'll be in churches. Definitely a sunhat and lots of sunscreen, comfortable walking sandals.

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Of course, the weather can vary from year to year, but when we took this tour two years ago at the very end of August/beginning of September, the weather was definitely on the warm side and it was definitely summer attire weather. I brought one pair of jeans, but the only time I wore them was on our post tour day in Lake Orta when it was cool and rained all day! Other than this day, we had beautiful, sunny days (great gelato weather!). Foolishly, I did not bring running shoes which would have been handy on the trail in Cinque Terre. Btw, I loved this tour!


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Thank you for your reply. I understand weather changing...we live on Cape Cod and the days can be very hot and nights much cooler. I have my phone programmed and have been watching .Would long dress shorts in proper attire?
Now I have on the bed ready to "maybe" go in suitcase. 2 capris, 1 skinny jeans, 1 long skirt, and 1 just above the knee skirt . Tops a mix of 3/4, sleeveless, and short sleeve, rain jacket, sunscreen, socks, running shoes, and sandals, sweater and one scarf if needed to wrap around shoulders.
Camera,tour book.etc

Thanks so much,

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Hi, today it was so hot here and so humid. I wore my light grey jeans to work as a test run for tour and just about died.
Would I be dressed properly if I took a pair of dress shorts to "Italy Village Tour " ? They hit at the knee . They are dressy.

I think our humidity is what did me in today.
It was so easy packing for GAS tour late September compared to this tour.
I really want to pack light.

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I would only take 1 pr of jeans. I did VI last year at the end of Sept and like Terri, the only time I wore jeans was in Lake Orta at the end when it was rainy and cool. I would probably not take 2 skirts but I don't wear skirts any way. Were you thinking dressing for dinner? If so I would just go with 1 skirt as you will probably not really dress up on the group dinner nights. If you are taking the short skirt to be cooler then I would take either the shorts or the short skirt. There were some days when we did not do a church and the shorts/short skirt would be appropriate then, otherwise on the Siena and Asissi days you will need your knees covered, maybe the day in Padova.

Bottom line, lol, is I would take the 2 capris, 1 pr jeans (wear on plane??), 1 pr shorts or short skirt, perhaps 1 long skirt. Well, really for myself I would just do 2 capris and 1 pr jeans (if they are lightweight enough to dry overnight). I only took 1 pr capris and regretted it. I wore them A LOT!!! I would not take skirts or shorts but I don't really wear them at home anyway.

This is such a fun tour! Lots of hands on stuff and demos.

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And remember....they have stores in Europe, too. Grocery stores, pharmacy stores, clothing stores - whatever you don't have you can always just pick it up there.