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Does Tivat airport have an ATM?

We will be flying into Tivat from Moscow. We will then need to take a taxi or bus into Kotor, but will need money to do this. Does anyone know if there is an ATM at the airport? Or if we could pay in euros or dollars? Thank you!

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Of your ATM card is in the P{LUS or Cirrus system you can use their ATM locator, which should allow you to search by airport, along with city.

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Hi Becky,

Only euros are accepted and i would probably take a taxi-it would be more convenient and its only a few miles-so it shouldn't cost too much. We flew out of Tivat last year, and cant remember whether there was an atm, but if there isnt, there are definitely atm's in Kotor, it would only take a few minutes for you to go into Kotor and come back and pay your taxi.