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Dentist in Montenegro


Does anyone have any experience with dentists in Serbia or Montenegro? I'm considering getting an implant while there.

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Is there any way you can head to Hungary instead? Sopron (near the Austrian border and with quite a pretty historic center) has been known as a town full of dentists for at least a couple of decades (probably longer). Many Austrians get their dental work done there. And it seemed to me that I saw a lot of signs for dental clinics elsewhere in Hungary this summer.

Serbia and Montenegro are farther from the wealthier European countries, and I've never heard that they are particularly noted for dental work.

I think you may need to make multiple trips to complete the process, so make sure you're OK with that. Note: I haven't had an implant, only a bone graft, which may be more invasive and/or more complex. The bone graft took at least four visits, probably five, over the course of multiple months, to be sure everything was OK (no infection, etc.).

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My daughter had to get implants due to congenitally missing teeth. There were at least 3 visits spread over about 4 months. If you wanted to have it done it the U.S., University dental schools are a good place to save some money.

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That is what I was thinking -- a dental implant is not a quick pm visit. My wife's molar implant took almost six months because it it involved some bone grafts. While a local dental clinic advertises a whole mouth in one day, our dentist says it could be done but the it is a liquid diet for a month or more. And a lot of discomfort.

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What Jules said about using university dental school clinics -- we both have gone to UCSF for several years, low prices and well-supervised work. The reviews by dental professors add substantially to visit lengths, but we're retired and don't have anywhere better to go.
And English is the language of choice.

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The dental school is a nice idea, I did that when I lived in Mpls. But we don't all live near a dental school. I live in a university town but no dental school there. Wish we could all be so lucky.

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There are dentists in OK, I would shop around there rather than overseas!

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I spoke to my dentist in Budapest about implants. She works at a place that specializes in them for Swiss clients. In my case i have a tooth broken off at the gum line (i know, too much information) and she says, first pull it then wait 3 months for the bone to heal, then put the pins in and wait for 3 months, then the new tooth is put on. So, yup, its a long process. I will probably get it done early next year ........... in Budapest. Half the cost of the US and I have been going to this dentist and this clinic for about 6 years. I trust them.

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I am a dental hygienist and have some thoughts about implants. It is critical to obtain a highly qualified surgeon/dentist to place your implants. The width and depth of your jaw bone, the size and angle of placement are just a few of the details that must be evaluated to ensure a successful implant. I have seen patients in our clinic who have implants placed outside the USA that failed within a few years - a waste of time, money and discomfort.

With any potential surgical procedure, I would ask how many times the doctor has performed the specific procedure and what are his/her success/failure rates after 5 years and after 10 years. If you were to have a problem, how do you contact the doctor? This can be a challenge if the procedure is performed in another country.

Good luck in making this decision.