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day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik

At the end of my RS tour I'm staying a couple of days in Dubrovnik. I'm contemplating taking a day trip to Montenegro. I'm interested in any recommendations as to tour companies. And advice concerning how far in advance I should make a reservation to do this. Can I wait until I get to Dubrovnik a couple of days before I would take the day trip?

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Hi Catherine,
I went on a day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik last Summer.
I used this company:
The tour was affordable, driver was very knowledgeable, there only 5 of us in a van. Loved it and would do it again!
I made my reservation once I was in Croatia 2 days prior to the trip.....that is how I roll... ;)
But if you are going during high season or do not want to miss should probably do it in advance.
If you have time, I suggest going to Bosnia as well. I used the same company to get there.
I typically do not like tours as I feel they slow me down...are costly...etc. But in this case it worked out great....and I did not feel like renting a car and crossing borders.

Enjoy! Bon voyage!

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I would suggest Adriatic Explore company. I heard a lot of good things about their services plus you get 10%off for online booking so I think You get the best price. For the Montenegro tour You can see a lot of details here - Montenegro Tour from Dubrovnik . And You can get a lot of information about other places worth visiting from Dubrovnik here - Dubrovnik day Trips

Hope that helps!

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Hello, Catherine!

Last summer, we were in Dubrovnik. We also have explored the beauty of Montenegro. We went on a trip to the Budva. We were going with the Adriatic Explore agency, which has already been mentioned. They are really good and they are not expensive. Also, I heard from my friends, for transfer on the same route
I hope I helped you and I'm sure you will anjoy the trip.
Bye, Stella
P.S. If you can, I would suggest you and one day trip to Mljet (which is Dubrovnik nearby island) and it's national park.