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Mexican-American in Amsterdam & Paris

I visited those 2 places in 2006 as a solo traveler. The hotel keeper in Amsterdam wanted my $ quickly after I had rested for an instant in the small room. I thought that it was weird behavior at the time. After I returned to US, I read that this wasn’t unusual for their personalities/ countryman behavior. I found them to be much more stoic than ppl in southern Europe.
A local Paris ethnic wanted to know my “nationality”. When I said “American”, she asked where I was from again? I had to explain to her. It was more curiosity than prejudice.
A friend who stayed in Ireland in the 80s told me that they kept asking about Mexico. They had an affinity for the Catholic country to our south. If you know about Mex history, you know that Irish fought in Mexican wars and considered themselves to be “patricios”. I like their questions.

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Yes, northern European culture is strange and off-putting to normal people and it takes some getting used to. Especially with the crazy meal times and emphasis on breakfast!