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General request or thoughts; African American Male traveler?

I have always wanted to travel to Europe, after the pandemic I have decided to make it happen. I am thinking of doing the Mont Blanc hike with my brother, we are African American males, who are active and love the outdoors, and enjoy photography. So it is natural to combine our passions all in one trip, we will likely 10 - 14 days. Starting in Paris for a few days then on to Chamonix and Lyon. My question is has anyone had any positive or negative experiences on this specific excursion, the Mont Blanc Hike? Should I expect any racism at the mountain guesthouses, what should we expect with regard to room assignments etc..? We of course will take advantage of the luggage transfers hopefully this will aid in our room assignments?

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I cannot comment firsthand on racism issues - but I believe you are unlikely to encounter them in a place that sees such huge numbers of visitors from all over the world.
However, if you want to climb Mont Blanc (vs. hiking the very popular "Tour du Mont Blanc") I strongly recommend that you get a guide, and that you reconsider if you have no mountaineering experience. It is not a hike, but a real climb, and it takes 3 days. There's certainly no way to get luggage up there, besides the gear you need for the climb.
And if you mean Tour du Mont Blanc, that takes 7 days.
So perhaps let us know more precisely what you have in mind?

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We are interested in the Tour de Mont Blanc, we have not decided on completing the entire 100 miles. This will be my 1st trip to Europe, so I would like to make the most of it, my itinerary will be diverse.

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I can’t speak from experience but a good friend of mine is African-American, she and her family love France and spend a lot of time there traveling all over because they feel very comfortable, welcomed and treated well. They will never return to Italy however, they were treated very badly there, it was the opposite of France.
I hope you go, you’ll LOVE Mont Blanc!

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I just got back from Chamonix and went up to the top of Mont Blanc via gondola. What hike are you referring to? There are some for advanced hikers at the very top and some at the middle stop on the way to the top. I am Afro-American an have been going to France for twenty years. During that span the only racism I have encountered has been in the USA as a natural born Chicagoan and never in France or Europe in general as an American tourist.