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Comparing LGBTQ+ culture in different German cities

My wife and I are traveling to Germany. We know Germany is a very LGBTQ+ friendly culture and we’re excited about that. It seems that no matter which major city we visit, it will have an established LGBTQ+ culture. We’ll visit 2-3 cities, and we’ll be at least of those cities on a weekend, maybe two.

Does anyone have experience with the queer scenes in different German cities? How do they compare and contrast with one another? Any recommendations?

(For us personally, we prefer friendly bars to pulsing nightclubs and we’re not into the fetish scene. We also love LGBTQ+ history and performing arts.)

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You might want to check out the dates when each city has a Christopher Street Day festival? This is very popular in Frankfurt and the entire city turns out for the parade. Berlin and Cologne, as well as Frankfurt, might be cities you would look at visiting.

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Unfortunately, we'll miss Christopher Street Day festivals because we'll traveling in mid-May, though we're definitely interested in Berlin because of its historical significance for the queer community, especially during the days of the Weimar Republic. Cologne and Frankfurt are helpful suggestions.

Do you have a sense of the queer scenes in the different cities, or even different queer scenes within the same city? Where we might find a quieter, more mellow scene rather than a raging party, for example?