ZTL's in Tuscany

Planning on renting a car and staying outside Montepulciano at an Agriturismo. We are planning on going to Siena, San Gimignano, Cortona, Volterra, and Montepulciano. I know that Siena and SG have ZTL's but can not find maps. Does anyone know where to find one? Also, do Cortona, Volterra, and Montepulciano have ZTL's? If so, maps?



Posted by Kent
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Click below for a detailed discussion of ZTL's in Italy, including Tuscany


Suggest you first look at the original post, which contains basic info on the subject, then browse the posts subsequent to the OP.

Interestingly, Italy's most feared ZTL, Florence, the one that costs travelers the most bucks, appears not to be on your list of places you're going by car--and that's a good thing.

Posted by Jeff
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Montepulciano definitely has a ZTL, as does Siena. I cannot speak for the others. Park in the lot at the bottom of the hill in Montepulciano, or drive around the town, up the hill and park at the lot on top. We found it very easy to find and park at the Porta Roma in Siena. There was ample parking, and an easy walk into the Campo. Which AT are you gpoing to stay at outside Montepulciano? Enjoy, Jeff

Posted by Michael
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We are staying at Il Sasso outside of Montepulciano.

Thanks for the info.


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Cortona and Montepulciano both definitely have ZTL's. Don't recall seeing them in Volterra, but they probably have them too. In Cortona, you can drive up to Piazza Garibaldi and back down without violating a ZTL. Make a hard left when you get up to the piazza, as straight or right will put you in a ZTL. In Montepulciano, the roads that circle the town are OK, but don't enter any of the town gates. To be safe in Volterra, park in one of the lots just outside the walls.

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They ALL have ZTLs but not all are monitored as stringently as the ones in Florence. We parked at the stadium in Siena (just follow the signs with the soccer ball). San Gimignano and Volterra have good signage for tourist parking outside the old town centre.