ZTL in Florence with rental car

We are picking up our rental car in Florence on a Sunday and driving through Tuscany for a few days. The rental office is within the ZTL in area A and we will need to drive south through area E to leave Florence. Does anyone know if tickets are issued in the ZTLs on Sunday or if Hertz has a pass so that we can leave the city without a ticket? Thanks Beth

Posted by Frank
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That is second question you should ask Hertz. No one here knows but they may act like they know and you pay the price if they are wrong.

Posted by Tom
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This is from wikitravel: "There is a very strictly defined route to get in and out of the city for car rental agencies in the Via Fineguerra and the Borg'Ognissanti, just south of the Firenze SMN railroad station. If you rent there, be sure to ask at the office how to get in and out without violating the ZTL." Here's the webpage: http://wikitravel.org/en/Florence And according to this website: <<http://www.slowtrav.com/italy/driving/traffic_cameras_speeding.htm>>, if there are crossed hammers on the ZTL sign (there is a picture on the website), the ZTL is not enforced on Sunday.

Posted by Anthony
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"No one here knows" - lol - come on Frank, some of us do :) 1. The ZTL in Florence is open on Sundays - 2. If you pick up a car inside the ZTL - there is no penalty on leaving the ZTL 3. Most of the entrances in Florence now have lights - with the traditional Green for go and Red for stop - See some of my posts for more info: http://www.florence-on-line.com/travel-tips/new-ztl-traffic-light.html http://www.florence-journal.com/florence/2010/12/another-new-ztl-light-in-florence.html

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In addition to Anthony's post, I believe that the Italian law permits you to enter a ZTL to get to a hotel or place of business. BUT, that place of business has to notify the police and provide information about your rental car including the license plate number. That's the scary part. Also, the cars rented in Florence may be registered with the local police. All of this has to be checked out with the rental agency.

Posted by Beth
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Thanks everyone for your help. Hertz replied and pointed me to this information regarding Florence ZTLs: Non-residents are prohibited from driving and parking within the ZTL at the following times: _ Mondays to Fridays: from 7.30 to 19.30. _ Saturdays: from 7.30 to 18.00. Sunday's are "OK". I'll check with them again to make sure of the route that we will take out of Florence. We leave in 17 days. Happy travels

Posted by Ed
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Most ZTLs have the same info on the signs that try to keep you from going in. (The sign's a variation of the international 'Do Not Enter' sign - - the one with the red circle.) It's not exactly rocket science. I'm not sure why everybody makes an issue or goes into high panic about the darn things.

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A year ago, we rented a car from Hertz a couple blocks from the Florence train station. Had taken precautions to know about the ZTL zone and verified with Hertz personnel. Still received a ticket for the day we returned the car. HIGHLY recommend picking up car from airport. The shuttle from the train station to the airport is fixed price and reasonable and then you won't go through the hassle of trying to get out of Florence central.