Zona Traffico Limitato

Our hotelier has suggested we drive into this zone to drop off our luggage and then they will show us where to park. Does anyone know if we will be fined for this.

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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There are camera that capture license plates and then tickets are issued. The rental car agency will pass along any tickets to customers - it will follow you home. However the ZTL is usually limited to weekdays during certain hours. Ask your hotel about being fined for driving in the ZTL and what hours traffic is restriced in its area.

Posted by Doug
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The hotel should give your license plate number to the police.

Posted by David
Portland, OR, USA
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Resricted zone signs in Italy are a joke. Unless there is a physical barrier to prevent cars from passing through them, 95% of the time cars will be there. Even where there is a barrier, that just means you only have to deal with Vespas. I highly doubt you'll get fined for this common Italian activity.

Posted by Jarrod
White Bear Lake, MN, USA
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I'd agree with David. In several towns I have been accidentally in the ZTL and have never been sent a ticket. The only way to know for sure if you're in a ZTL is if there is a physical barrier keeping you from getting in. Just get in and out as fast as you can and you should be fine.

Posted by Chris
Tyler, TX
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No- I have not driven in Italy or any restricted zones so any advice is helpful. We are leaving the States tomorrow.

Posted by Chris
Tyler, TX
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Thanks for all your advice...we are leaving tonite for the trip across the pond!!

Posted by Stephen
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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NB - in many jurisdictions (and not just Europe - this applies here in Calgary, too), traffic and speeding tickets will be added to your rental car bill.

You rental contract does, in fact, make you responsible for speeding & parking tickets, fines, etc. - at least everyone I've had does.

What's changed is that in many jurisdictions, the laws have changed so that rental car companies are now obliged to pay the fines if the renters default. They, of course, will not eat the charges, nor do they have the time & interest to challenge them. So, they get passed on to you the renter.

Certainly - as a rule - you're best not renting cars in Europe for city destinations. If you do, enquire carefully about ZTL restrictions - in Florence, for instance, you'll get a hefty fine for driving inside the ring road unless you register your rental car through your hotel - even if you never park it anywhere. If you're not actually staying in Florence, I think you're SOL.

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