Your input on a Christmas week trip to Liguria, per favore...

Any input on Santa Margherita Ligure as a HOME BASE for Xmas week trip to Liguria? With day trips to Portofino, Cinque Terre & Genova...and maybe a night or two in Milan before flying home from there? Grazie!

Posted by Bob
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Hi Gio. It will be quite cold, and many hotels and restaurants will be closed.

Posted by Cristina
Como, Italy
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Bob is right, Liguria may be pretty cold. But if you head further down, on the coast from Rome all the way down, and you are lucky, probably should be warmer, around 10-15 degrees Celsius. May I suggest milan and lake COMO? Milan is pretty cool during Christmas holidays. You could stay in COMO and take day trips basically everywhere: Torino, Venezia and Firenze are all 2hours by train.
You could also arrange a day trip in Valtellina, either to ski or wine tasting.

Posted by Gio
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Grazie mille! Decided upon Sevilla and southern Spain, instead, this Christmas. But I'm grateful to you for taking a moment to reply.