Your favorite eater in Siena and why?

Tell me your favorite eatery in Siena and why? Preferably folks that have traveled very recently.

Posted by Peg
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Oh I apologize, I meant no disprespect at all. Was just trying to cut to the chase.
Forgive me!

Posted by bruce
sauk rapids, mn
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when you are leaving alma domus and get to the top of the stairs there was a great place to eat, we sat outside, but of course i can't remember the name. help somebody ! :) goog luck :):)

Posted by bruce
sauk rapids, mn
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forgot to finish anwsering your question. why we like it was because of the great food and atmosphere. good luck :):)

Posted by EB
The Coast of, SC, USA
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Ristorante Guidoricco. In '05 it wasn't in Rick's book. When we asked the owner about tipping his request was to tell Rick Steves if we liked it which we did along with many others. In '07 it had made it into Rick's book and it was still as good as we remembered.In fact Easter week of 07 we were having dinner in the restaurant and Rick Steves walked in and asked us how our meal was.We are going back in April and will visit there again.

Posted by Lois
Providence, RI, USA
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Hi Peg,

I have been to Siena a few times and have eaten at different restaurants and have found them all good. I know which one Bruce is taking about but can't remember the name either. I agree with him, the food was good. Enjoy!

Posted by maggie
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We had a lovely meal at Nonna Gina last May. I believe it's in Rick's current Tuscany guide. Charming decor, nice service great food reasonably priced.

Posted by Fred
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One of the great things in Italian travel is to find those little out of the way places to eat. Sometimes very pleasant things happen which make a meal a lasting memory. Be adventurous and get off the tourist trail. Taste in food is subjective anyhow.
hard to get a bad meal in Italy.

Posted by Henry
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Behind the Palazzo Publico on Piazza Mercato are two places I have enjoyed. La Finestra and Trattoria Papei. You might want to check out Bagoga's near the Sanctuary of Saint Catherine.

Bruce and Lois,
The name ofthe restaurant close to the Alma Domus is La Pizzeria di Nonna Mede.

Posted by Gio
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Another vote for Ristorante Guidoricco! Great meal there last December...a wonderful place with a real down-to-earth, welcoming and kind-hearted owner.

Posted by Michele
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My family was in Siena this summer. We ate at two wonderful places, not in the RS book (our hotel staff suggested that the RS reccomendations were touristy and over priced). Instead, they reccomended two somewhat off the beaten track, but still within the city walls, traditional Sienese places. The food was delicious, the waitstaff charming, not much English was spoken, and the prices were very reasonable. 1.) Osteria La Piana, Via Camollia, 122/123, Tel: +39 0577 270737, hours: noon - 3:00 and 7:00 - 10:00. This is on one of the main streets, but a good 10-15 walk from il Campo. Walking away from il Campo, take Via Banchi di Sopra, which turns into Via Montanini which turns into Via Camollia. The restaurant is near Porta Camollia. No website, but if you google it, you will read good things about it. 2.) Trattoria Di Fontenuova, Piazzetta d'Ovile 9/10 angolo Via Vallerozzi, tel: + 39 0577 49351. It's about a 7 minute walk away from il Campo. Walking away from il Campo, take Via Banchi di Sopra, which turns into Via Montanini. You will see Albergo Cannon d'Oro at Via Montanini 28. Make a right at the street just after the hotel which I think is Via Vallerozzi. Walk downhill towards Porta Ovile. The restaurant is on the the corner on the right. Check out the website at: 3.)Also try Antica Pizzicheria Al Palazzo Chigiana De Miccoli Antonia, Via di Citta 93/95 which is in Rick's book. This is a neighborhood deli. You'll recognize it by the boars head and old bicycle hanging on the outside of the shop. They carve all sorts of meat and cheese sandwiches - the pork sandwhich is out-of-this-world. Some people were eating this really amazing looking cheese and meat plate while sipping glasses of wine. They have s few pull-out tiny table tops on the store front where you can eat and drink while standing. Buon appitito!

Posted by Susan and Monte
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Of course I can't the remember the name. We stayed at Albergo Bernini and while on their terrace you could look down onto a very small restaurant in a small courtyard. The smell of them cooking in the afternoon was enough to draw you there. It was my favorite restaurant in all of Italy. There are only a few tables and you need a reservation. It was amazing food and not that expensive.

Posted by Nan
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Trattoria La Torre (Via Salicotto 7, down the street to the left of Il Campo). GREAT homecooked food, homemade pasta, in a little hole in the wall place. Good prices. We liked lunch so much that we went back for dinner to try something else! Just went lsat week.