Your favorite ACTIVITY in Milan? Then Venice and Rome?

I would love wine tasting, cooking or biking...but would love others suggestions for fine tuning my own. Grazie:)
We leave Saturday!

Posted by Nadine
Austin, TX, USA
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We haven't been to Milan yet, but for Venice, wandering and wandering and wandering, stopping in little bars in the late afternoon/early evening for a glass of wine and cicchetti. Then more wandering and wandering and wandering. For Rome, walking and walking and walking; visiting sites; visiting churches; finding enoteca and having different wines with appetizers. For all of Italy - gelato and espresso! And both at least once a day. Finding fun piazzas and just enjoying the activity that happens to be going on there.

Posted by Otariidae
Catadupa Alamere, CA
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Rome biking take a tour of the Aqueduct Park.  A tour will be far safer, trafficwise, than getting out there yourself running Villa Borghese is the least hassle filled.  Along the river is safe but has lots of loud traffic.  I pick two bridges and do a lap crossing each Venice
biking Lido I biked south and back. Flat straight and not many cars running Lido. I ran the beach, but the hotel season had ended and it may not be possible during tourist season kayaking the canals in a sea kayak with a guide.  It's on Youtube and I am   dieing to try it running Venice the only route I found was along R degli Schiavoni (sp?) out to and around the park. By late morning it could be crowded.  I suppose you could  do a lap around Giudecca but I never tried it. Otherwise the maze of blind corners is a collision waiting to happen.

Posted by Kent
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Milan and biking are not a good fit. You can cook in Milan.
They even have wine to drink there, no vineyards but wine in glasses, and bottles.

Posted by John
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The best part of Milan is people watching. Go have dinner at the Bulgari Hotel (not cheap but worth the splurge). I went with the kids and they had fun counting the Ferrari's that pulled up to the valet!