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I am looking for maps for: ~Road map of all of Italy (we are driving) ~Street map of Rome, Venice and Amalfi Coast ~Tuscany area road map. I have found some on for reasonable prices. Don't know which ones are the best though. Streetwise, Rough Guide or Michelin?? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Leslie
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We used Streetwise maps while walking in Rome and Florence. Our car had a GPS which we used in Tuscany. The Streetwise maps were very good.

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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My favorite street map of Rome and Venice are the pocket pilots. They fold up to about 3x3 but are very detailed when open. I also like MapEasy's guidemap to Rome. Though it doesn't fold up as small as the pocket pilot it has restaurants, shops and churches named on it as well as streets. It also has a great enlarged map of the forum naming all the ruins, one of the piazza navona area and also the spanish steps area including the shopping streets with shop and restaurants named and located. You can get them at Barnes and Nobles or other book stores. Donna

Posted by PlannerGrl
Washington, DC
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Barnes and Noble usually has the Streetwise and Michelin in their travel section, if you want to look through them before you buy. I've found Streetwise to be great for city centers, so it will probably work well for Rome & Venice. I just used the maps in the RS books for both last time and was fine with those, but I wasn't driving.

Posted by Skip
Atlanta, Ga
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Streetwise are good and easy to handle for cities. As for road maps, best I have gotten are at gas stations at rest stops on the autostrada.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Brigette, I normally use a GPS unit, with Michelin maps for "backup". They are readily available in most larger Bookstores here. Cheers!

Posted by steve
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Ditto Ken's comments. We won't got anywhere without taking our GPS, and usually buy a Michelin map before we leave, or get one at a gas station when we get there. For our recent trip to Italy/Sardinia we took along our old and trusty Michelin road atlas. Glad we did....our GPS did not have much info for Sardinia, and the map was a lifesaver.

Posted by Lori
Watertown, CT
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We just came back from Italy and I second the vote for Michelin plus the GPS. The problem with GPS is that sometimes the shortest route is not the safest route. The GPS would try to lead us to unpaved roads or mountain passes. So, we mapped out the route with the Michelin map and had the GPS on for back up. We also had a Hammond map, but we preferred the Michelin one.