Yoga classes in Sorrento and Rome

I will be in Sorrento the last week of September and would like to take a yoga class. Does anyone know of a good yoga studio? I've tried searching online but couldn't find anything. Thanks
Mary Ann

Posted by Sarah
United States
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I don't have actual knowledge of any, but Groupon is in Italy. I will need to 'get in touch with my roots' while there, and I've been looking at those. If you find a place, please report it!

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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During my last trip to Italy (Piedmont region- Turino) I noticed yoga studios..something I didn't see the years before. I would recommend that you ask at your hotel. They should be able to locate a studio for you to take a class. Or do what I do --follow someone carrying a yoga mat!! Namaste!