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Yet another train question

If I am taking the ES high speed train from Venice to Rome, I'm assuming that it stops at Bologna and maybe Florence (?) on its way to Rome. Are you allowed to get off the train at one or more of the various stops and then catch a later train to continue your journey, or must you buy separate tickets for each leg?

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What you are asking is possible on regional trains but not on trains which require reservations and for which you will have an assigned seat (like the EuroStar Italia). You will have to buy separate tickets.

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Most of the Rome/Venice trains do stop at Florence and Bologna. Tim above is correct. If you use ES trains (highly recommended), simply buy two tickets, one for each leg. If ES trains, each will have seat reservations. The problem is, if you get of a train with time and seat reservations, they're gone. You can get on a later train but it's not an easy process. Just get two tickets and make the second one late enough to do your walking around.