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Yet another itinerary question - 14 days

The information available from this message board is just amazing!

I'm taking my daughter to Italy for 14 nights, middle of May to very early June. This is her first trip. In addition to the usual attractions I'd like to build in some slow time to just sit and take in the atmosphere.

Here is my tentative plan:

Rome (3 nights), Florence (2 nights), Florence or Venice (1 night), Venice (2 nights), Rome (1 night - between train from Venice and bus to Amalfi), Sorrento\Amalfi (3 nights), Rome (2 nights)

I'm giving extra time to Rome because I lived there when I was young and I want to show my old stomping grounds to my daughter.

Would you add the open night between Florence and Venice to Florence or to Venice?

Would you stay 3 nights in Sorrento\Amalfi or would you give up one of those nights for another night in Florence or Venice (the one which doesn't get the open night)?

Would you stay in Sorrento or in Amalfi?



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It all depends on what you and your Daughters interests are. If you are serious about art...stay in Florence, if you are planning on down time, make it Venice. You know, you really can't make a wrong decision. Personally, I prefer Sorrento as a base, mainly because it is more convenient to get to Naples, Pompeii, and even the Amalfi coast, plus there are tons of restaurants and good things to see just as you walk.

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How old is your daughter and does she have any specific interests?
Also I think it is a unfortunate to have to check into a Rome hotel 3 times. Is it possible to go directly from Venice to Sorrento? It may be a long trip but would save the aggravation of checking into a hotel for one night just to get back on the road again. I would stay in Sorrento because of the liveliness of the city and easy to get to the islands and towns along the coast from there.
I think this is a fairly packed itinerary so am not sure how much slow time you will really have.

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Paul - Thanks for your thoughts on Sorrento. That's the way I am leaning.

Linda - Thanks for your thoughts on Sorrento as well, and for your suggestion to go directly from Venice to Sorrento. That was my original plan but someone suggested breaking it down into two days to avoid using a whole day for travel and to get us another night in Rome. Maybe what I will do is go directly Venice to Sorrento and move the stopover night in Rome to the end of the trip with the other two nights in Rome . . .