World Tourism Day

I note that September 27th is World Tourism Day in Rome. Will there be an entrance fee to the Coliseum that day or will it be free?

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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Nothing on their website mentions free admission on World tourism day. I know the Vatican museums will be free but haven't heard that the colosseum will be. Donna

Posted by George
Independence, KS, USA
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We happen to have reservations for 1900 for the Friday evening, 27/09 Vatican Museum tour. Does anyone know if we will have to contend with the free admittance crowds or will it actually be reserved for the night tours?

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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Since they are selling tickets I assume they are not doing the free entry that evening. To get tickets during the day it specifically says they are free. The night openings is considered a special event which is probably why it's not included in the free opening schedule. Donna

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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Today, the 18th, is National Cheesburger Day and I doubt you are going to get a free cheesburger.

Posted by Frank
Wilmington, DE
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Not familiar with World Tourism Day, but September 28 and 29 are Italy's cultural heritage days. On that Saturday and Sunday, admission to the Coliseum (a nationally-owned sight) is at a reduced rate - 7 euro last year as I recall. Other nationally-owned sights, like the National Museum, are free those days. Many sights in Rome are Rome-owned or Lazio-owned and do not offer free admission on the cultural heritage days. Rome may be doing World Tourism Day in conjunction with the cultural heritage days, and Rome-owned sights could be free that day. Edit: The official Rome tourist information website mentions only the Vatican Museum being free on September 27. TI offices would likely have additional information.