Wood fired pizza in Rome (Al Forno)

Any suggestions for ==>GREAT<== wood fired pizza in Rome? I will be staying in Trastevere, but will be all over the place.

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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I loved Da Francesco's, a little hole in the wall on the tiny Piazza del Fico (just a few blocks off Piazza Navona)

picture of my pizza

Piazza del FicoI'm sure there are many more like this place, but I took this rec from some locals and I loved it so much I went back twice - it's definitely made in the open oven.

Posted by Darryl
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La Gattabuia in Trastevere makes a delicious wood-fired pizza, as well as a delicious pasta dish called strozzapreti with pesto and black truffles. I was there 3 days ago...it's wonderful.

Posted by Beatrix
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Okay, this is rather off topic but I still tell you because it shows how you can have a great travel experience when you think a bit outside the box.

Yes, we also had some great pizza in Trastevere and some that didn't live up to expectations. But the best pizza ever we made ourselves! One of the deciding factors in renting an appartment at an agriturismo in Tuscany was the fact that it came with a traditional wood firing oven in the back yard. And so I bought some supplies at the local coop, turned a wine bottle into a rolling pin, and convinced my brother to fire the oven - in 30 C weather! We had so much fun ;-)

Posted by Paul
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In the Trastevere are several great pizza places, but our favorite was Dar Poeta (here's one link: http://www.fodors.com/world/europe/italy/rome/review-38462.html but google will give you many) a small, hard to find place, only open in the evening, and always busy. Good classics with some different toppings and a modern twist. Definitely try the dessert calzone, Nutella and Ricotta, wow.