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Winter months in Alghero, Italy?

Thank you in advance for taking time to read my forum question and consider your reply. After spending brief time on mainland Italy four different years and growing quite weary of cold and snowy winters in the USA midwest, we have tentatively decided to begin spending the winter months in Italy. There are a multitude of reasons for choosing Italy over a traditionally hot beach climate such as Central America, etc., the foremost being we simply love Italy!! Qualities that are important to us include mild temps (I have Raynauds which results in great discomfort in extreme cold and hot temps), historical ambience, mid-size town, proximity to airport, walkability, out of the main mass of tourist crowds, cultural and intellectual stimulation, provisions such as fresh food markets and plenty of restaurants. Our careers are in the areas of engineering and professional music (vocal/theater/piano). In college I studied Italian and have continued using it regularly, though sadly almost exclusively for vocal performance and teaching vocalists which focuses on pronunciation/diction without application of grammar and vocabulary. We both have recently begun studying Italian with more commitment and vigor.

We have struggled to find a location on the mainland that provides warm enough temperatures to warrant such a big step. We have not identified the exact location, but our preliminary research has led us to Alghero. Warmer temps. Historical merit. Mid-sized town. Seaside. Many activities/merchants remain open through winter. On the mainland we are considering the lower elevation areas of Abruzzo; maybe Puglia.


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You might consider Calabria as well. My pick would be Puglia.

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So many places close down in winter, or at least get veryquiet as they are not tourist destinations. Alghero does not seem to close down, from what I can find about it, but I have never been there, so full disclosure on that front! No matter where you choose -- eastern Abruzzo (I think colder than you want), Puglia, Calabria, Sardegna -- be aware that you will likely encounter few other tourists and your efforts in learning Italian will serve you well!

One thing that might push you toward the mainland in Calabria or Puglia would be easy access to travel elsewhere. If you need to go to Rome for services or decide to travel somewhere else, getting off an island is another challenge especially if it is stormy.

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The Adriatic side of the Apennines may be colder if you happen to incur on the northerly winds from the Balkans.
The warmest temperature in winter tends to be in Sicily, however it's generally rainy and not so warm by my standards (but maybe so by Midwestern standards).

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Zoe, Laurel and Roberto,

Thank you very much for your prompt replies! We earnestly seek your recommendations and thoughts. We're researching Calabria and Puglia in more detail this weekend. Although we do not have ample time to spend abroad this winter due to work, we hope to spend a couple of weeks in one or two places to move our search forward.

Keep your thoughts flowing our way ...