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Winery in San Gimignano

Hello all.

We were ready to book a tour to Lucca, Pisa and a winery lunch. But as of now, the tour is not available on any of the two days we could take it. Instead me might hire a driver to take us to Pisa, San Gimignano and a winery lunch. We pick the winery. Any that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance.

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Where is your hotel

We would be coming on q day trip from Florence. Before or after Pisa.

You are in an area full of wineries and vineyards, so I am sure you will have no problems. Consider that in Italy it is enough to go to the countryside to find the "Wine Roads", routes that can be done by car or bicycle where you can meet dozens of wineries ready to welcome you.

In the area indicated by you, I strongly suggest you visit "Fattoria Poggio Alloro".
It is a good rule to call a few days in advance to book the visit and any tasting.
If you are interested in tastings, there is also a site where all the tasting events in Italy are collected:

There is a "Wine Events" section to consider.

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We found three different Winery Lunches to be Slow Food, three-hour affairs. This works poorly with your too-ambitious plans for the day. The fastest lunch we had was at vast but forgettable Antinori, the least satisfactory of our winery visits. Their impersonal casual-restaurant (I think there was a formal option, too) would have acceded to demands for Americanski fast-service.

Edit: Note for planning purposes that dining/wining "in San G" will not directly facilitate a visit to the historic town. Your driver will have to drive you before or after, to a good car-accessible point for walking uphill-both-ways to the historic district.

Our independently booked fine-dining winery lunches required full payment in advance.

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hey hey tmalave
couple other options to look at. don't know your budget in euros. tours out of florence, some with lunch or dinner, wine and olive oil tasting.
come& different types of tours and things to do. put in your city and lots of different activities, some are kid friendly/family oriented.
for a day trip on your own: take an early morning train to pisa, (san rossore station) if you are planning to climb the tower book early ( check opening times, it will get crowded and busy. after this take the train to lucca. walk around the walled city, bike tour, enjoy the piazzas, shops, cafes, sit and people watch. check about wine tours from there. there are wineries in this part of tuscany, a short bus ride or taxi ride from lucca center.
bar pasticceria cucciolo a pastry shop near the duomo famous for bomboloni and other pastries. in florence. market full of shops, cafes, souvenirs
venice: a class making venetian masks, food and wine tours in florence and venice.
rome: a wine and food tour, 30 minute train ride from rome to the countrysides known for their white wines. maybe a pizza making and wine tasting tour for the whole family.
we did a greek island cruise out of venice few years back, walked around the alleyways of santorini, stopped for appetizers and glass of wine overlooking the port. not my favorite island, mykonos walked around seeing shops, windmills, the whitewash homes with the gorgeous flowers hanging, the doors and window frames, getting "lost", having some appetizers with ouzo sitting at beach front restaurant (little venice) and their mascot, the pelican, one of my favorite islands
hope this helps you with different ideas to think about. so much to see and do, not enough time. be prepared for the crowds and busyness, get out early. enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

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I saw a post above where someone recommended Fattoria Poggio Alloro. I second this one. We did a wine tasting and a cooking class there a few years back. It was incredible. I look forward to the day when I can return there. It is a wonderful, family-based concern.

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Just outside of San Gimignano is a winery "Podere La Marronaia" where a group of 8 had a leisurely lunch with 4-5 wines, 3 courses and brief tour of the vineyard. The price was right. Highly recommended. Going back next year. You can find them on the web. Ciao