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Wineries in Val d'Orcia

My friends and I are visiting Val d'Orcia this August and would love some recommendations for wineries in the general area (we will have a car, so transportation isn't an issue). Is it necessary to book visits in advance? Is it worth it to hire a car service so we can all taste the wine without worrying about having too much, and if so, does anyone have any recommendations for which one to use?

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You mentioned your concern about wine tasting and driving. Italy has strict drunk driving laws and random roadside stops, it would crimp your vacation more than a bit if you were arrested for drunk driving--plus driving in Italy is challenging enough stone cold sober (although I've heard people say nobody would drive in Italy unless they were drunk, but they were only kidding, I think).

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It depends on what wine you like. I like brunello and for the most part you have to make appointments. If you want to make appointments on your own, see this site for a list of producers. Click on the detailer box for phone numbers, web addresses, and a map of the area. is one that doesn't need appointments. Check the website for hours.

The road from Montalcino to Sant'Antimo (about 10 km) has Biondi Santi, Crocedimezzo, Fattoria di Barbi.

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Will you be staying in a hotel or agriturismo? We were in Montalcino at the Hotel Vecchia Oliviera for 5 nights last year. Our hotel gave us a wonderful wine map of all the wineries, recommendations of good tours, and even booked them for us. We had a car and drove. I don't think you have to worry about having too much; if you're at all concerned, you can spit it out. :) By far, our favorite was Casonova di Neri!