Which site to use to book a fast train?

Need to make a train reservation for our trip to Italy in May. I've found a bunch of sites that sell reservations. Which one is the best/offical one to use? Need a link to book a fast train.

Posted by Barb
Andover, MN, USA
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The official one is Trenitalia.com. I just booked a reservation from Rome to Naples for May 29 for 9Euro per person. This was the 1st date tickets were available for that date. They come out exactly 120 days in advance - 1 day at a time. To get the cheapest fare you need to be on the site THAT day to get the best price. You might have to play with the site a little to get it to work but it is worth it.

Posted by Susan
Meridian MS
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Can you book the return at the 120 day mark or just the "outbound"?

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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You can only book the outbound ticket at 120 days because the return would be greater than that, unless you are doing same day return. But with the Super Economy fares there is no additional discount with a rounds rip ticket anyway. Just wait for the next date and book then. BTW, the 9 euro fares do not all disappear on the first day offered. I have seen them still available at 90 day or less, just random trains.