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Which RS’ book for Italy?


I am about to order a RS’s and I see there are also Snapshots. I will be travelling to the Lakes, CT and Verona. Which guide do you recommend? I won’t be driving so I will not need a driving map.

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The guidebook descriptions on this website are very useful for picking the right book(s). In your case I'd suggest the book for Italy, then tear it apart (yes, but gently!) and bring only the chapters covering the areas you'll visit, plus any other info you want, like practical info and phrases. (You might also consider a phrasebook.) RS sells (of course) plastic covers for these book fragments or you can use anything similar from an office supply store, or just tape pages together. That will give you the best combination of comprehensive info and light weight. You can toss sections after you've been there or keep them to help you remember what you took those pictures of. (I need that sometimes.)

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Thanks! I will buy the Italy 2018. The thought of ripping a book ...but you are right - weight is everything.

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I downloaded the Italy book and it was extremely useful and didn't weigh a thing on my recent trip. I also had all the useful tips and advice at my fingertips, plus hotlinks for more info. Unless you've really got to have a hardcopy I think this is the way to go. I leave the hardcopy at home, intact, for research, but on the go the ebook does the trick.