Which Roma Pass?

Which Roma pass should 2 of us get who will be in Rome for 3 full days and want to see all the main attractions? There seem to be several passes listed for a wide range of prices, and I'm confused about what the differences are. Obviously, less expensive is preferable, but we don't necessarily want to sacrifice quality or time. Also, do any of them include the aqueducts? If not, how do we go see them, and how long does it take?

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I'm not sure where you're seeing "several passes at a wide range of prices." On the official site, I only see the Roma Pass and the Roma & Piu Pass. The former is only for attractions within the city, the latter covers some places in the surrounding region too. For both of them, you get free admission to the first two places you go, and reductions to the others. You also get transit for 3 days (the same 3 days as you get for the museums; for you, this is not an issue). Generally, it's only a good deal if you're seeing some expensive places as your first two sights. And it does not cover any Vatican sights (since that's technically a separate country and not "Rome" at all). Here's the official site with the two passes: http://www.romapass.it/p.aspx?l=en&tid=2 Here's the list of what's only included with the Roma & Piu Pass (not with the Roma Pass):
http://www.romapass.it/p.aspx?l=en&tid=13 And from the invaluable Ron In Rome, here's his take on Roma Passes (slightly out of date, but still useful): http://www.roninrome.com/%20transportation/should-i-buy-a-roma-pass Which "aqueducts" do you mean? I know of some large, intact Roman aqueducts in France and Spain, but not in Rome itself.

Posted by Zoe
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Luke, you may be looking for Aqueduct Park, out in the suburbs. It can be reached by Metro and possibly by bus. The Roninrome site will have information about it.

Posted by Jim
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Aqueduct Park is fairly near the Appian Way.. It's listed in Rick Steve's Rome 2013 guidebook at the end of the Appian Way section... The park is free and directions are given in the book.. We're planning on going to the park as well.. Jim

Posted by Amanda
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ohhh the Aqueduct park looks great. I have the 2012 book and hadn't really paid attention to that part as it is just a brief mention on a map. We will definitely add that to our Appian Way visit. Thanks a bunch for starting this thread, Luke!

Posted by Luke
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How much time would it take to go to the aqueduct park? We'd really like to go, but if it takes an entire day, we probably won't since we only have 3 days in Rome. Also, what's the cost of getting there and back?

Posted by Zoe
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I think the Romapass includes metro/bus transportation to the park or close to the park. I'd estimate close to half a day or less including travel time. I slways google images if I'm undecided about seeing something - a visual will
usually help make up my mind.