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Where were we?

Sorry silly question, but am really after a confirmation of where we were. Rome - Christmas Day - Colosseum (closed). We had the Colesseum behind us, the Arch of Constantine on our left and we followed the crowds and were "forced" along a path with fences on both sides and occasional places to look out. The path ended at a church and we then had to retrace our steps back to the Colosseum. Was this Palatine Hill?
Thanks in advance

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The Palatine Hill is in that direction. You go up a small hill to the Arch of Titus (like the Arch of Constantine but smaller) and either go straight ahead and down into the Forum, or to the Palatine Hill ticket booth and entrance to your left. I have a few pictures taken from the upper level of the Colloseum with which you could orient yourself. Send to and I would be happy to send them back.

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To get to the Palantine Hill you would walk up the hill past the Arch of Constantine. If the arch was on the left and the colosseum was behind, it sounds like you were walking up through the old forum area. The walk does dead-end at the Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Vespasian, and then you turn and retrace your steps. The walk up Palantine Hill is more a loop.