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Where to stay to visit Pompeii/Herc? I know,

I know, Rick recommends Sorrento (and so does just about everyone else). But we're going in November, with my boyfriend's mom and aunt, and I'm concerned about the travel time to and from the archeological sites. When we're tired and want to just get back to our hotel, will it be prohibitively far to travel all the way back to Sorrento? His mom's worried (and so am I, frankly) that she'll quickly tire on the cobblestones and in the cold, wet weather we expect in early November. Has anyone stayed in the main town of Pompeii? Or did anyone find the trip from Sorrento to the sites quick and easy? It just looks so far on the maps, and as an overly experienced commuter I know that a 30-minute train ride doesn't include waiting time, time to travel to and from the station and other delay factors that can bring you to tears when you're tired and just want to rest. Is it possible to take a taxi/hired car back to Sorrento from Pomp/Herc? (And anyone see Stabiae?)

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We have stayed in two hotels in Pompeii, both within
walking distance of the archeological sites. They
were Villa Dei Misteri and Victoria. Both are just
average, nothing special, but clean and functional.
Stayed in Villa Dei Misteri most recently. Was
77 euros for a double.

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We stayed in Sorrento and visited Pompeii, and the train travel no problem at all. The Circumvesuviana drops you right at the entrance of the Pompeii ruins. The train runs frequently so there is very little waiting. Sorrento is perched on the cliffs overlooking the sea, and the views are quite nice. You can also get to Capri from Sorrento's sea port. I would hate to miss Sorrento.

Yes, it's possible to take a taxi from Sorrento to Pompeii.

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Tim is correct.........Sorrento is not to be missed! You have so many options for dining, and you will have easy access to the busses that can take you to see the other Amalfi coast towns. When my wife and I and friends went to the area, we rented an apt from, and stayed in the middle of town......we loved it! The apt. made us feel "at home".

The train to Herc and Pompeii is easy to find and to catch in Sorrento, and there will be no lines. If someone gets tired, just pop back on the train and go back to your room. It drops you off right outside the gates at Pompeii, but you have to walk a few blocks to get to Herc. Pompeii's cobblestones are brutal; make sure that all wear good comfortable shoes. I really liked Herc much better than Pompeii.....smaller and even the wood is preserved. But,you MUST go to the museum in Naples. Pompeii is just a HUGE barren town, but all of the riches that were dug up there have been saved for viewing in the Museum