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Where to stay in Vernazza, Cinqua Terra

My wife and I will be in Vernazza for three nights - 8/15-8/17, checking out the 18th. Any ideas on where to stay - and how to reach them to make reservations? (Finding that it is not easy to contact Vernazza hotels online). Thank you!

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boy, good luck! I started looking in May and am not arriving until OCtober, you waited way too long! I guess like the others say, if you show up and pay for a booking service you should be able to find might get lucky!

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Many places in the CT use phone & fax only. It's not that difficult or expensive to call from the states to Italy; just follow the directions for international calls in the RS books. You can buy a phone card for international calls that make it cheaper than using your land phone number. Check your Italian phrase book first to prepare yourself with key words for the transaction. Chances are, the person on the other end will speak English. I like to stay in Monterosso which is just a few minutes by train from Vernazza and has a wider range of accommodations.

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Late tis late date, I would just get off the train and hope for a cancellation. There WILL be several little older ladies waiting to show you their rooms.70E-80E a night is the norm in the summer, but no breakfast Have fun!

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Very intersting to arrive in the CT for 3 nights during the busiest time of year AND, with no reservations. RS seems to promote this method. And, everybody looking for a room is carrying a blue book with yellow lettering. There are walkup places where you can stand in line to find available accomodations. You can walk up the main streets and see the signs. Also, everybody in the CT seems to have a relative that rents rooms. I've seen postings of people who lucked out with a small out of the way room and it was their best experience of the trip. Expect no breakfasts and cash only. We recently stayed in La Spezia and chatted with a gentleman who was stunned that he came into the CT without a reservation and couldn't find any place to stay. He had to stay in La Spezia. Hope you get lucky.

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I do have the contact information for a non-advertised room which may be available. We stayed with Caterina in May and it was wonderful! Check out her fun website at and her email address:
She does not speak English, is a good friend of Martina (of very friendly and keeps a clean room on a charming carugi in Vernazza.