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Where to stay in Cinque Terre? Reserve or not reserve?

I am going to Cinque Terre this June with my husband and little boy. We are taking a train to La Spezia and then staying in Cinque Terre region for three nights. Should I try to reserve a place in advance, or are there plenty of places to stay? I usually reserve in advance, but it seems that most places do not have websites, therefore it is difficult to reserve in advance. What do you folks, who have been there, think??

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You will want to reserve in advance for June, esp. with a child. Many that don't have websites do have e-mail addresses. Or use the contact info in Rick's Italy book.

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I agree with the other two posters; definitely reserve. The area will probably be pretty busy in June.

Do you know which town you plan to stay in? We were just there in September and I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions!


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We were in Vernazza in October without reservations. We went to a hotel, told them what we needed and they did the rest. After some conversation between several women, they walked us to an apartment that met our needs perfectly at a very reasonable price.

June might be more difficult, hopefully other people on the website can tell you more.

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Beverly, please try the search function (up and to the right )type in Cinque Terre and you will find hundreds of entries.

The quick answer from mpov is to make reservations for the June timeframe referenced. Have a great time in my favorite Italian area!

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June is a busy month. We had to stay in La Spezia beause we couldn't get a booking in the CT. There are rental office in the small towns where you walk in and see what they have. Funny we saw tons of people in these offices with blue travel books with yellow lettering on the cover (RS' book) because RS suggests that you just show up.

All of that being said, we see stories on this site where people have wonderful experiences just showing up and seeing what happens. It appears that everybody in the CT is related to or acquainted with each other and during the high season, they rent out bedrooms and other nice apartments or rooms. Ask most shop owners and they seem to know somebody with a room to rent. Not many of these places have websites or email. It's great seasonal income and easier than fishing.

Somehow or other these travelers get rooms and are delighted with the whole experience. Your choice.

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Beverly, WOW! I'm glad i saw your question. Please reserve. Remember, many italians vacation there too. I have been ther twice and you dont want to count on luck as I did. I ran into italians getting married and having parties and booking up the whole town. check the rick steves books and you'll find something.

have fun.


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I posted almost the same question just a while ago and almost everybody said to BOOK AHEAD - especially for the busy summer months. It sounds like there's been some great cultural times "finding" one when you get there, but I'm not much of a risk taker. I'm going the first few days of October and am already reserved...actually just searched on some of the CT sites and found one, Franco Maria rooms in Vernazza, and from their website could even look at the pictures and chose which room I wanted. Hadn't planned on using RS's for this one, but looked it up in his book and lo and behold it was there-surprise.

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WWe've been there twice going again in September. Already have reservations. We always use Trattoria Gianni in Rick Steve's book. They are located in Vernazza.

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As everyone has suggested, you really need to reserve ahead of time simply because you do not want to waste wonderful vacation time with your little boy ....trying to find a room. We love Vernazza. It is very busy during the day, but quieter at night. In June it can be qiite hot, so we stayed at Toninno Basso's rooms at the top of the town. It is not a far walk at all and quieter at night with the best restaurant in town right beside it. He is in Rick Steves' book on Italy. He has only 4 rooms unless he has added more, but he has one for the 3 of you. His rooms are air-conditioned( not many are ), very very clean, he has a computer in every room for your use , an elevator, and hewill take cedit cards if necessary. The restaurant down stairs is Il Pirata... what can I say... the 2 brothers make the best breakfast pastries, sandwiches , and reasonable dinners ever. You can take the train everywhere.. could not be easier. Toninno books up way..way ahead of time, so I would try now.