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Where to stay in Cinque Terre - 4 days

Where would you recommend staying? Which town? We are looking to swim, hike, relax and have a beer at night?
Hotel Names, links, things to see would be great!

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I would stay in Monterosso al Mare for a 4 day stay. It's the largest of the 4 and has the most options for the dining/shops.

We stayed at Ca du Gigante,, which located about 2 minutes from the beach. We loved this hotel. Many places in the CT are rustic but this hotel was modern and fabulous. The beaches aren't sand in the CT, either rock or tiny little pebbles. Monterosso has a couple private beach clubs where you can rent chairs & umbrellas or you use the free, public beach.

The hike of the 5 towns took us about 4 hours. We started very early because we hike in June when it was very hot. We started in Monterosso and worked our way south, going from the hardest trail to the easiest. Then we took the train back to Monterosso & hit the beach!

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For the only swimming beach in CT and some nightlife, Monterosso is probably the one you want.

The other towns are cuter but don't have swimming beaches. When the restaurants close, they roll up the streets. We were there in October, possibly a little more lively in high season.

The only real thing to see is light hiking.

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Hi Megan,

I stayed in Riomaggiore and found it to be very nice. I think that as long as you are not looking for big-city nightlife, any town that you stay in will offer the perfect cinque terre ambience. The nice thing about staying in Riomaggiore or Manarola is that they are connected by the Via dell'Amore - the easiest hike in the Cinque Terre - which is beautiful at sunset. Dinner in Manarola followed by a leisurely stroll back to your accommodation in Riomaggiore is a great way to cap a busy day.

If you are looking at staying in Riomaggiore, I recommend you contact Mar Mar to see what they have available. Just go to the "contact us" section and fill out the accommodation request link. They will email you back with a list of what is available.

Mar Mar is an agency that rents out privately-owned apartments in Riomaggiore, and for that reason they are an invaluable resource.

No matter where you stay, I am sure you will have a great time. Enjoy your trip!

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I'm booking a trip there in early May, and have been in corresponde with probably most of the rooms (have nearly 100 e-mails), and this place seemed like it offered the most reasonable prices for what you get. They are quick to respond to e-mail, and even have videos of their rooms:

Roberta Veneziani & Claudio Follegot
Via Gramsci, 119/E
19017 Riomaggiore - SP
Tel/Fax (+39) 0187-920789
Mobile (+39) 329-9264550, (+39) 320-1143509

I can't find any reviews on them, hopefully it's as nice as it looks.