Where to stay for Pompei, NOT Naples

Hi, We want to go see Pompeii. We DON'T want to stay in Naples, (really heard bad things about staying there) Any suggestions of anywhere to stay in the Naples Pompeii area, small town would be just fine. Town and great hotel, B & B suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks, Tabatha

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Sorrento. There are easy trains to Pompeii and Naples from there. (Do go to Naples at least for the archaeological museum that holds a lot of the artifacts that were removed from Pompeii.)

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Seems like everyone is interested in giving Naples a bad rap - try it first, then decide. (If not, then Sorrento is your super safe choice)

Posted by Emily
California, USA
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Hi Tabitha, We just retuned from Italy in May and LOVED Naples. We thought hard about it and decided not to be scared off but to be prudent...I'm so glad we did. The Neapolitan people were warm, welcoming and helpful and we never felt threatened in any way. We used public transportation, walked all over, had some of the best food in Italy, and were able to spend a day in the wonderful archeological museum without rushing. We stayed for 2 nights on a pedestrian street by the opera house and the Galleria Umberto, at the Chiaia Hotel de Charme. (used by some of Rick's tours) In Sorrento we stayed several days in the charming B&B, Casa Astarita. You can take the train or the ferry to Naples for the day but I'd urge you to give Naples a try and spend more time there.

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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I highly recommend Sorrento, one of my all time favorite places. Beautiful, relaxing, fun, charming town. Very easy train to Pompeii from there. Check out Sorrento City Hotel.